The Holy Dance Ministry

The Holy Dance Ministry

The Holy Dance Ministry (HDM) was the sacred and creative vision of young adult member, Mailia Stokes.  After a year of petitioning and consultation with Pastor George Moore and Worship Arts Ministry Leader, L’Tanya Moore-Copeland, the Holy Dance Ministry was dedicated on October 29, 2000.  The founding scripture was Psalm 149:3 – “Let them praise His name in the dance” (KJV) and the first choreographed ministry was “More Than I Can Bear” by Kirk Franklin. 

The founding members included:
Sumner Canty                   Bonni Johnson
Vicky Cherry                      Mailia Stokes 
Monica Ellis                       Tonnica Walters
Iris Gray
Since its inception in 2000, the ministry has cultivated more than 150 liturgical dance ministers of different ages and stages of life across seven divisions.
HDM Divisions include:
The Children’s Ministry (Divine Promise) supports grades K-5, typically ages 5-10. 
The Preteens Ministry (Divine Purpose) supports grades 6-8, typically ages 11-13.
The Teens Ministry (D.R.O.P. – Divine Rivers of Praise) supports grades 9-12, typically ages 14-18.
The College/Young Adult Ministry supports young adults ages 19-26.
The Adult Ministry supports adults ages 27 and up and is segmented into divisions for Women and Men (D.A.V.I.D. – Divinely Anointed Vessels in Dance). In consultation with the Movement Leader, adult dance ministers of any age can elect to self-promote to Divine Worship as their lifestyle and mobility changes. 
Divine Worship (i.e. limited movement) supports all ages of differently-abled dance ministers.
I.            Mission/Purpose
Though the ministry’s activities and tasks may change to meet the vision, season and need of this local church and the church universal, the mission and purpose of the Holy Dance Ministry is to:

1.  Lead the congregation in praise and worship to God and to foster its participation in dance as a form of worship
2.  To proclaim through dance the Gospel of Jesus Christ that unbelievers in the congregation and community may seek to know Him
3.  To communicate spiritual and biblical truths through dance that the people of God may be enriched
4.  To nurture dance ministers spiritually 
5.  To develop and perpetuate the sacred art of dance
6.  To support the work of the local and connectional church in fulfilling its mission and purpose

For More Information Contact:

Rev. Vicky Cherry


Worship Times

Sunday Service: 8:00 am & 11:00 am
Church School: Sundays at 9:45 am
Risen Generation (Youth Church): Sundays at 11:15 am

Family Bible Study: Tuesday 8 pm


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Phone: (404) 371-0749

Address: 240 Candler Rd. S.E., Atlanta GA, 30317