2=1 Marriage Ministry

2=1 Marriage Ministry

The 2=1 Marriage Ministry of St. Philip AME Church is a cooperative of the church and individual couples interested in developing strong relationships between men and women while remaining Christ centered. The mission of the ministry is to support and nurture healthy marital relationships between husband and wife while they experience the uniqueness of two becoming one by: Providing opportunities for married couples to fellowship with one another; Providing opportunities for married couples to grow emotionally and spiritually; Enhancing a balanced approach to work and play in marriage and family life; Developing a forum for couples to explore common concerns in marital life; and Providing occasions for married couples to gain a greater appreciation for individual differences as men and women.

We believe that marriages between men and women are ordained by God. We further believe that encouraging strong marriages within the church is vital to its growth, strength and sustainability in a world that continually threatens it and the marriage. Thus, we believe that strong marriages build strong families and that strong families are essential to the survival of the church.

For More Information Contact:
Mr and Mrs. Ray Barrow, Co-chairpersons


Worship Times

Sunday Service: 8:00 am & 11:00 am
Church School: Sundays at 9:45 am
Risen Generation (Youth Church): Sundays at 11:15 am

Family Bible Study: Tuesday 8 pm


Connect with Us

Email: info@saintphilip.org

Phone: (404) 371-0749

Address: 240 Candler Rd. S.E., Atlanta GA, 30317